1.    Business development

2.    Feasibility studies

3.    Marketing consulting

4.    Human resources management


Our consulting products contain:

1.Business development comprise consulting missions which vise the business development during entire life cycle  of the business

1.1.Enterprise analyse

1.2.Tackling and strategical schedule of the company

1.3.Image promotion and branding

1.4.Elaboration of the organizationaly structures and

            management tool

1.5.Laying-out and activities dimention

1.6.Organizing the activities by types and categories


2.Feasibility studies elaborating the feasibility studies together with the partners design offices


3.Marketing consulting - comprise consulting missions which vise the marketing and market services, public relations

3.1.Marketing research and market analysis

3.2.Marketing analysis and sell-out analysis

3.3.Strategical marketing

3.4.Modernization of the distribution system

3.5.Operational marketing


4.Project management - comprise consulting missions which vise:

4.1.Planning and preparation of projects

4.2.Project implementation


      5.Human resources management

5.1.Human resources management consulting

5.2.Personnel assessment

5.3.Personnel management

5.4.Human resources development consulting